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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The January Archive.

Jan 30: Oh I am a spoiled girl! If I wasn't before I certainly am now. I can't believe we never did this sooner. We went and did an impulse buy Saturday night and bought a sweet lap top computer for me to use. I feel the same way as when we upgraded to DSL from dial up. I sit here (well, actually I'm laying here in bed!) and wonder how in the world did I survive before. I have new found freedom! I think this detachment from the big computer is going to be so enjoyable. I even sat here and put some new silver lentil beads in the supply page. I have A LOT of beads to add to the supply pages. Just need to get hubby to do it. I have figured out how to add things here and there but with a large amount, I need him to add the basics. So the goal over the next few weeks is to get these beads added. I also have a very small supply of some smaller 11mm wide silver lentils. They are way cool! I fell in love with them. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet. I will try to get them added to the supplies also. If there seems to be a demand, then I will try to get more in stock. Hmmm... what else? I guess that is it for now. It is almost 11:30 pm time to get my much needed beauty rest!

Jan 27: I'm back about these head pins. I gave them a better try and wrapped some beads with them last night. Here is what I discovered. They are actually a tad thicker gauge. I'm guessing more along the lines of 20-21 gauge. The old batch was 22 gauge. Which means that the new ones won't work with pearls. Their holes are too small for them. The old batch was thin enough to accomodate pearls. The other thing that I noticed is that since they are a tad thicker, the wire is a bit more stiff. It isn't a bad thing but something that I noticed. I know a lot of people are used to working with this thickness of head pins and I don't think you will notice anything different. So now I'm torn and thinking about offering both the old and new head pins. For right now, all that I have in stock are the nice bright and shiny ones. I'm telling ya, they are sweet. Looks just like silver and they still won't tarnish.

Nothing else to report here. Still doing the balancing act. Weekends are usually a great time for me to catch up on orders with hubby around to help watch Caiden. I took the boys skiing again last night. Well, I didn't go with them. I had Caiden with me but I signed them up for 2 hours with an instructor. Man are they doing good. They were so excited because now they have graduated to riding the lift. They thought they were so cool. Connor (my 6yr old) was saying "I hope people saw me coming down the big hill." Other than that, it has been a quiet day around here. I have slowly been updating some of the pics on my web site. You may or may not notice. Which reminds me, I never have shown you a pic of the bracelet I made with the flowers in the vase. I will eventually put it out on the boutique but want to hold onto it a bit longer. I do really like it. Kind of the same but different. There are a lot more beads in the dangles which makes it even bigger but from what I noticed, big is in this season.

Jan. 26: Things are just busy around here and I'm trying my best to keep it all in balance and get it all done:-) Quite the juggling act! I'm so excited though and wanted to let everyone know about my new shipment of the steel head pins I received. The last batch I got was so bad that I was seriously thinking about not selling them anymore. They came all jumbled up in a large bag and I had to sort them all out. Probably about 50% of them were all bent and I had to straighten them out or put them in the reject pile. Not a great way to spend my time. But, I'm so happy to report that the last batch is sweet. They are for the most part not bent up AND they must have a new supplier now because I was able to order extra shiny. This means that they look just about identical to the silver head pins. The others were a few shades darker. These are right on the mark. They still feel and work the same as the real silver head pins. You will be so thrilled with these. I was just so excited that I had to share. I know small things make me happy! But my thumb joint was so sore from straightening out all those head pins. This is really a good score!

I have lots more that I would love to chat about and share but it will have to wait. I'm trying to cram about 5 hours of work into 1 hour time. You all know how crazy that can feel. Hmmm..... my computer just started making a loud noise. Wonder what that's about. Hopefully it will stop before hubby gets home. Don't want to give him any excuses to go out and buy a new one. He love computers and would build a new one every 6 months if I let him! Some how he is good at doing that. He knows I'm clueless and he will buy computer parts here and there and tell me how we needed a new thing a ma jig. This is what he did the last time. I was slow on the pick up and after a few months and the 5th ordered computer part, I realized that he just built a new computer and I didn't even know it! Slick! Hey, who am I to complain though? I'm on it all the time and the faster the better in my opinion. I just think it was funny!

Jan. 23: Hot Beads fresh out of the kiln. Get them while they are hot! Hopefully they won't cool down too fast. I just got the two bead sets listed and ready to go on the boutique page and my web site is down. I'm cracking up. I went ahead and transferred everything over so hopfully it won't be down long. It usually isn't. Fun sets and so cute in person. It is a good thing my Mom is away this week. She would swipe the chocolates. I would like to eat them but for some strange feeling, I get the idea they would sit like a pile of rocks in my stomach. Hmmm.... maybe then I wouldn't feel hungry and I wouldn't need to eat.

Jan. 22: Hola! Boy have there been lots of beads in the kiln at the Donlen's. I love taking them out of the kiln on the morning. But then it is kind of like launry which I can't stand and that is cleaning them. Most of the beads have been for custom orders but I finished up late last night and was between orders. It was either quit for the night or take some time and play. I haven't messed around and just made what I felt like for awhile. It felt great. Good news is that means there will be some new beads in the boutique tomorrow. Yep, can you believe it? Beads in the boutique. It has been awhile. I was in the valentine mood yesterday so there will be a small set of red and white beads with a few cute tiny hearts and then you will love these..... thanks to my dear friend Marian.....I've been inspired by chocolate and there will be some beads that look just like chocolates out of a box. The best part is that they are zero calories. Although, they don't taste good either. I guess you could just put them in your mouth and suck on them. For those of us that are working on our New Year's resolution of losing weight and staying away from sweets! Speaking of which, I'm back in step aeorbics so by the time I get home from class it seems like half of the day is gone. So don't expect them to be listed before 11:00 am central time. Oh! I did get the bracelet made with the flower beads in the vase. Way cute! I love love love it. Pics soon.

Jan. 17: What strange weather we have been having in St. Louis. Yesterday was in the low 60's and today in in the low 30's and it is snowing right now! I thought you might enjoy a vase of lampwork flowers to look at. They look so cute in the tiny vase. I have big plans for them. Well, kind of.... I want to turn them into a dangle bracelet and have the flowers in the dangles. I have the other round beads made. Now it is just a matter of finding the time to sit down and make the bracelet. I have been busy all morning packing and cleaning beads to mail. Thanks to everyone for being patient on their bead orders. I'm slowly but surely getting there! I should take the kids skiing after school but that isn't going to happen. Oh well... can't do it all:-)

Jan. 16: Wow! Thanks to all who sent birthday greetings! It was so much fun hearing from everyone. I had a wonderful birthday. Who can complain when you get a clean house and a nice dinner out of the day? Except I ate way too much dinner. I went into a major food coma on the couch afterwards. I rarely ever get to sit and hang out on the couch at night because that is my beading time. So I must say it felt pretty darn good. I enjoyed every minute of it! The kids are off school today so we are getting ready to head to Chucke Cheeses this morning and then hubby is taking a 1/2 day off work to come home and play with the boys. I'm sure they will have a perfect day. Yesterday was another day of snow skiing. Hubby took them this time. They are at the perfect age. Keegan is 7 and Connor is 6. That year does make a difference. They both did great but Keegan is a little bit better. Which surprised me because Connor seems to be a bit more athletic. I think it is just the muscle developement and coordination that comes with the extra year. We were laughing over the weekend saying oh great. Now we have to take 3 vacations a year. One for the beach, one for Disney World, and now one for Colorado!

Jan. 14: Cassie's husband here...
Oh my, I can't believe its been over a week since Cassie's updated her news page. The small profile she got from Bead & Button has brought a tremdous surge in both jewelry and bead orders. Our web traffic has doubled. Thanks everyone! For the most part, that explains why she hasn't updated her news. You all have kept her quite busy. In the meantime, she has found time to take the kids to the small ski club so they can start snow skiing lessons on the mighty mountains of Missouri. We're actually pretty lucky, the little resort (if that is what you call it) is located only a couple of miles from us and they do the manufactured snow thing so it always has stuff to play on.

But the big news, and I'm sure she'll appreciate me writing this, is that today is Cassie's birthday. Her treat, besides a nice little gift, is for me to clean the house and take her to a nice dinner tonight out at the Gardens of Malmaisan in St. Albans, a lovely little French country restuarant hidden away in the Missouri river hills just outside of St. Louis. Anyway...I best get cleaning before she thinks I'm goofing off over here at the computer. DOn't forget to wish her a happy birthday! Thanks, Randy

Jan. 6th, 2006
I have been battling a cold all week. Watery eyes and sneezing all the time makes it fun at the torch! The kiddies are finally back in school. Altough they are not happy about it. They hate me waking them up in the morning and then rushing them along to get ready. They want to hang out and play. Keegan was bummed because just as he had put on his Harry Potter robe, I made him take it off and put on his winter coat! Can't say I blame him. I would much rather be pretend Harry Potter than dressing for school.

It has been so dark and dreary here for the past week. I would really love some sunshine! I'm sure it will soon be time to start making Spring color beads. That is always fun. Although, I have been making lots of Sugar Plum Faieries beads since the release of Bead and Button magazine! Here is a special order necklace with these beads. We replaced the heart bead with a pendant and it really looks sharp. I love the flower clasp.

Jan 1: I've been traveling for the weekend to visit my husband's out-of-town family and just got back. I want to let everyone know I got your orders and have started on them tonight. Let me just take a moment and give thanks for a great year, and especially thanks to all my customers and friends. I truly appreciate your business and will never take it for granted. Every one of you are special and I wish you the best in 2006. Thanks again.

On another note, when I got back today my mailbox contained the latest (February) issue of Bead & Button magazine. They profiled one of my necklaces in the "Your Work" section and have a picture and small writeup. How fun!