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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The February 06 Archive.

Feb. 25: Happy Saturday! I'm sitting on the couch adding new beads to the supply page when I look up and see 23 month old Caiden sitting at the kitchen table with an expression the same as a cat with feathers sticking out of his mouth! He found my beads that I had all laid out and ready to go for a bracelet. So far no damage so I guess I will take advantage of the quiet time. He is putting them in and taking them out of the small container. Quite impressed with himself but as I type, he just threw a lampwork bead across the table. So much for that thought. Time to stop the beast!

Really not a lot of new things to report. Still working on the big bead order. I'm guessing another 2-3 weeks before I can start taking new orders again. I am in the middle of adding some new now some of my favorites to the supply page. I'm having a hard time letting go of them! I want to keep them all. Think I'm developing a hoarding problem. ha! No, I have just realized over the years that when you find beads you really like, get as many as you can because you may not be able to get them again. Very frustrating. The new beads are larger than I'm used to but have found that I really love them. They add a lot of spice to the dangle sets and would also be perfect in necklaces or even for taking up space on strung bracelets. Very striking. So many possibilities. They are in the round beads section. I have a few added but have about 6 more in this style to add.

Also, I have back in stock the old head pins that are thinner and easier to make the coils when wire wrapping. They also fit pearl holes. The downside is that they aren't as shiny as the new head pins I have in the supply page. The news ones look just like silver but since they are thicker, it is more difficult to wrap the coils. You get used to them though and I have only been using the shiny ones. Except for when I wire wrap the pearls, have to use the old ones. So until I get both options added to the supply page, just put in the notes section of the shopping cart if you want the old ones that are thinner.
Feb. 19th: Brrrr...... it is just down right cold! I think we finally have Winter. I don't even want to go outside. The dork that I am, Friday night when I shut down for the night and went outside to turn the propane off I realized that the bird feeders were empty. It was supposed to be in the single digits and I knew they would need food. So here I am at 11:30 p.m. in house slippers freezing my hands off filling up the feeders. Then yesterday I only saw a few birds. It was so weird. Guess it was even too cold for them to leave their nests. They can go through the seed in one day and this morning it was hardly touched. Little bit more action today though. The finches are out in full force. Can't wait for it to get warm and have them turn yellow again.

I'm still busy working away on this bead order. I did get few new items added to the supply pages though. Lots more to add but I'm getting there.

Feb. 15: Well has everyone eaten their 5lbs of Valentine chocolates yet? Valentines is always such a fun day. Although, when you become a parent.... I think that it is more fun for the kids. The boys had great school parties, and it was so much fun to see all of their valentine boxes decorated. How can it be that each of my boys have a girlfriend? They are in Kindergarten and first grade. A cute girl in Connor's kindergarten class came up to me yesterday and said "do you know that your son is in love with me?" I had to admit that I didn't know that. I asked if she was in love with him and she said yes. Although, later she kept pointing out that there was another boy that was in love with her also. So cute!

Well I have been trying to avoid posting this but hard as I try... I'm not Wonderwoman. I don't even look good in those red white and blue tights! I'm working on it though... I did force myself to go to step class today. I'm going to ask everyone to hold off on placing new lampwork orders for probably about 3 weeks. I'm not quite sure on the timing but I will keep you updated. I have an order that is going to take most of my time. I was really hoping to be able to do both and work on new orders at the same time. It is going to make me feel too overwhelmed though.

If anyone has something that they need really really bad, just email me and we can work something out. You are also welcome to email me letting me know you plan to place an order. I can give you a heads up when I'm ready to start on new orders.

I'll keep you all updated here on my news page. The supplies are still in stock and I have lots of new goodies to add. I just got some really interesting larger beads. Lots of possiblities. They are really cool. It will be fun to work with them because they are a tad larger than what I normally work with. I'll try to get these all posted in the next week.

I'll leave you with some eye candy today. This is a bracelet that a friend ordered for a birthday present for my friend Christy. It turned out so cute. I need to make more of those circle lollypop shape beads. They are so cute!

Feb 13: For those who have been wanting the silver lentils and cubes, they are back in stock. I also have smaller silver lentils that are awesome and some silver circles. When I slow down enough this week, I will update them on the supply page and get a shopping cart added for them. Prices are a tad higher. Sorry about that. The cost of silver has just sky rocketed and I had to pay more for the beads.

Has everyone been busy getting their Valentines ready? I've been trying not to raid the kids chocolate that I bought them! Very hard to do!!

Feb. 9: Just a quick update on supplies. It looks like I will have back in stock next Tuesday the silver lentils and silver cubes. Plus..... I will have the smaller 11mm wide silver lentils. You will love these! and.... for those of you that ordered the silver circles when I had these before, those will also be back in stock. They will be a tad larger than the old ones though. I just love these beads. They add so much character to jewelry. Off to grab Caiden who decided to dump a whole bowl of fruity pepples cereal out on the kitchen table. Lucky me.... no milk was in the bowl though!

Feb. 8: Oh what a beautiful day today! St. Louis always has weird weather. This has been a really warm winter but we woke up with beautiful snow on the ground. The big fat fluffy kind that sticks on all the limbs of the trees. I really dislike Winter but just love snow. I really don't have anything fun and new to report. Just making beads. I did order some more beads for the supply page yesterday. I'm kind of excited about them but will hold my breath until I see them in person. You just never know.

For all you parents that need fun and creative ways to discipline your children, you might like this idea. We have had quite a lot of fun with it. Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans. Ever heard of them? Well, they look like jelly beans but sure don't taste like them! Flavors include Grass, Rotten Egg, Earthworm, Vomit, Earwax, Boogers, Bacon, and black pepper. And they taste just like those flavors. We kind of stumbled upon the idea after playing tricks with them on all our family at Christmas time. When the boys would get in trouble for fighting, saying bad things or what not...we warned them upfront that they would have to eat a Bertie Bott. Oh my gosh... you would have thought the world was coming to an end. They would just get so upset. At first we started out easy with grass or soap that doesn't taste too bad. Then after one bad offence, hubby had them close their eyes so they couldn't see which one they were getting. Good Grief! Needless to say just mention Bertie Botts and they will straighten right up. You want to hear the sad thing? Our 22 month old will eat all of the flavors and beg for more! Is that not crazy? Randy even gave him a vomit one and he ate it. But believe me, he is not the norm. Randy took a bowl of them to sit on his desk at work for people to grab handfuls while in his office. I was laughing so hard at the stories he was telling me about people eating them. After one day, no one will touch them anymore!

Feb. 3: Ah.... a nice quiet house. The big boys (all 3 of them) just left for their Tae Kwon Do belt testing tonight. Hubby is going for his recommend black belt the the boys are one behind him testing for their high reds. I just put cranky Caiden to bed and the house is perfectly quiet! I love it! It has been kind of a crazy wek around here. Caiden got the stomach flu, Connor got Pink Eye and had to stay home one day from school, I caught Caiden's cold with the watery eyes and chills and so on. There were a few other household traumas but I won't bore you with them all. Let's just say it has been a long week and I'm tired.

I've still been trying to work on orders so I don't fall too far behind. I will say that having this new lap top has been SWEET! When Caiden was sick and I had to sit with him on my lap for 2 hours on the couch, I sat the computer next to me and updated jewelry and bead photos for the gallery. It was so much better than being bored watching the Wiggles and Thomas the Tank for 2 hours straight!

There are about 6 more colors of the twisted petal leaves on the supply page that got added last night. These are so cool. I love to put them in with my dangle groupings. They don't need to be wire wrapped so that is a good score also. I still have a fair amount of beads like the daggers and drops to add to the site and I just ordered some more beads today that I think you will be excited about. It is so fun ordering beads because everything I buy are things that I would personally use. Before it was hard to justify spending lots of money on all these beads. That is because I have accumulated so many in my personal stash drawers. Now I can still buy and not feel guilty! The problem is that a lot of them are things that I may not be able to get more of and I want to hide them and keep them all for me!

Lots of people have been ordering the new shiny anti-tarnish steel head pins. I've gotten more experience with them and I'm really pleased! I still need to pull out the old ones when I have pearls to wrap but other than that, I'm completely switching over to the new and improved ones. Jan 30: Oh I am a spoiled girl! If I wasn't before I certainly am now. I can't believe we never did this sooner. We went and did an impulse buy Saturday night and bought a sweet lap top computer for me to use. I feel the same way as when we upgraded to DSL from dial up. I sit here (well, actually I'm laying here in bed!) and wonder how in the world did I survive before. I have new found freedom! I think this detachment from the big computer is going to be so enjoyable. I even sat here and put some new silver lentil beads in the supply page. I have A LOT of beads to add to the supply pages. Just need to get hubby to do it. I have figured out how to add things here and there but with a large amount, I need him to add the basics. So the goal over the next few weeks is to get these beads added. I also have a very small supply of some smaller 11mm wide silver lentils. They are way cool! I fell in love with them. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet. I will try to get them added to the supplies also. If there seems to be a demand, then I will try to get more in stock. Hmmm... what else? I guess that is it for now. It is almost 11:30 pm time to get my much needed beauty rest!