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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The December 06 Archive.

Dec. 26th
Hi all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday time. We are exhausted. What a busy week. Sorry I haven't had time to update anyone on the elf stories. I have some really good ones to tell. (like the boys having to take bites of pizza and green beans both covered in a full cup of sugar and maple syrup.) I'll try to give you some good laughs later this week.

I just want to let everyone know I'm working on some jewelry and taking care of some easy things, but my normal prompt supply orders won't be processed until Jan 2nd due to some things we need to take care of.

December 19th
Wow! Christmas is coming up fast now. I have all my Christmas shopping done and even most of the presents wrapped! I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Update on the next bead contest: I'm going to try to take photos of the beads I have for the next free beads contest here shortly. As promised, this contest won't have any questions to answer. All you will need to do is just enter your name in the drawing! The beads are pretty cool. The winner will get two big hole beads. So stay tuned and in the next few days I'll get it up and running:-)

I see Hubby popped in and did my job for me:-) Yes, it has been quite exciting with our elf around here. The good part is that I don't have to wake up and drag the kids out of bed on school days. They wake up early and excited to see what the elf has been up too! The bad part is coming up with clever ideas every night. Especially when you are tired! Here is a photo of the UNO card party in the play room that hubby referred to below. The elf is blocked by the Pringles can. Looks like they had quite a party! So did our cat who loves crackers (especially Cheeze It's and nuts!). We saw that there were a few missing crackers and a few extra crumbs thanks to Tippy our cat!

Dec. 12: So I see my dear wife has not updated you on what really is happening with our little elf-boy guest. And the real trouble its causing. As soon as he arrived the boys were fighting over who got to carry him around. Well, at least the 8 year old was a little skeptical at first, but slowly bought in to Mom's convincing tale. Every evening after the kids go to bed the elf does something. The first night the elf opens up every Nintendo game case and dumps the disks on the floor. When the kids woke up they they found the mess, and the elf was sitting on a pillow with the game controller on his lap like he had been playing all night. The boys had to put all 50 of them back in their cases. The next night, after everyone was asleep...the elf took all the stuffed animals off the boys bed and they were all positioned around the kids room playtable, playing Uno. There were cards everywhere, snack food all over the floor, quite a party. The boys were tickled and now they are totally convinced that little elf comes to life at night. No gets better.

Yesterday afternoon Cassie gets a call from Keegan's school teacher. She was concerned and wondered if Keegan by chance had mentioned to us his elf friend...because apparenlty Keegan is telling all his friends, the teacher, and writing in his daily journal about his elf at home...that comes to life and makes messes. The teacher was concerned that perhaps Keegan was...well, she was wondering if we were aware of his sudden overactive imagination.
LOL, I would have loved to hear Cassie explaining this to her.

December 6th
Just to let people know that I think I'm at my limit for promising lampwork beads to be made and delivered in time for Christmas. You can still place orders but I can't guarantee they will be ready to ship before Christmas. I can probably still take custom jewelry orders. There is a better time window for jewelry vs. lampwork beads because the designers need the time to incorporate the beads into their own jewelry designs.

Time is going by fast now. Hope everyone's Christmas/Holiday shopping is going well. The shopping is the easy part. It is the wrapping that I'm dreading!! Thanks to my friend Ann she has given me an idea for a fun thing to do with the kids. I'm kind of excited to get started. You can see what I'm talking about at (you will have to copy and paste the link). So the basics are that you have the kids write a letter to Santa asking him to send an elf to stay until Christmas Eve when he has to return back to the North Pole. The elf shows up at your house and will do fun and mischievous things while the kids are sleeping. You put him to bed in the kitchen with crackers and water and then when the kids wake up, they have to find him and see what he has been up to.

Now comes the "work" part for the parents. Coming up with ideas but thankfully, the web site has some great suggestions and Ann gave me some ideas of what they have done. It looks quite fun. Here is a fun one that Ann gave me The elf kidnapped the angel atop the tree and put her in the freezer, along with a note saying she was sick and tired of the angel getting all the glory at Christmas time. The elf was at the top of the tree. There are other more simple ones like staying up all night and having the kids find the elf watching TV with a bowl of popcorn or having them do a scavenger hunt to find a present. The ideas are endless. So I guess our elf will be coming to visit in the next few days when I get me act together! Wish me luck!!

December 3: We had our first official winter storm. St. Louis got a lot of ice. I think there were about 500,000 homes without power. We weren't one of them. It has actually been a fantastic last few days. The kids' school let out early on Thursday because of the ice and then they closed school on Friday. Hubby left work early on Friday and took the boys and their friend sled riding. They had a ball. So Keegan had his first sleep over on Friday night. Then back to snow sledding on Saturday. We got more ice than snow and that made for fantastic sled riding. So we have had a nice family time weekend. Gotta love those!! Here is a pic of the snow boys and our house. It doesn't look very menacing but it is mostly ice with a few inches of snow on top. It was just beautiful yesterday and photos never capture the way the sunlight makes the snow glitter.

November 29th: Well looks like winter is coming. We have had high 60's low 70's temps for just about 1 week here in St. Louis. Today it was 70 degrees. Tomorrow a cold front is coming in and we are supposed to have rain, sleet, snow, and snow thunder and the temps down into the 20's. I really don't like cold weather! Here is a pic of the boys all dolled up in their dirt bike gear. We got Keegan his own bike a few weeks ago and then driving home from Kansas City we stopped at the power sports place and got the kids all the protective gear. Keegan has always been a big dress up kid and I think he wore his stuff all night!

For the next bead contest, I think I'm going to give everyone a break and it will be where you just enter your name into the hat. Nice and easy!