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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The Aug 06 Archive.

August 31
Ugh... sorry I haven't been around much this week. I've been sick these past 3 days. Not good for the bead production! I still haven't gotten a photo of the felted slippers yet. I'm wearing them right now though and you should be jealous! They are so comfortable. My Mom came over tonight and when I showed them to her, she couldn't believe they were the same slippers. I thought she was going to steal them from me!

I watched a great show on food TV the other day about this cake shop called charm city cakes. They have a web site under that name. It is some new reality show (what isn't these days) but the cakes they were creating were incredible! I thought some beads would make a cute cake so I made some to resemble one of their cakes. I thought it turned out cute. I even made the lampwork bow on top. When I showed hubby he said it just looked like some beads stacked on top of each other! HA!
cake beads

Aug. 23: Well I got the darling slippers felted and they turned out awesome! I gotta tell ya, that was so much fun to do. You stick them in a washing machine with an old pair of jeans and super hot water and then they felt up and shrink. I took a photo tonight but the photo turned out terrible. Guess I better stick to photographing beads! So I will take another photo tomorrow so you can see how the felting turned out.

I just got the 3 new toggles added to the supply page. They are set for shipment. I didn't do very well in the photos with these. I'm tellin ya, these toggles are sharp. I think toggles can make the difference between a nice bracelet and a really cool very expensive looking bracelet. Toggles have come a long way.

Aug. 21: Oh the mail was good to me today! My friend Kim sent me the coolest ever knitted slippers. She is so sweet. She made them large enough so that I can place them in the washing machine and felt them!!! I'm so excited!! I've never felted before and I can't wait to see how they turn out. I'll show you a photo of them after they are felted. And... look at the cute straps! They are just begging for lampwork buttons!!!

knitted slippers!

Boy is my bead bowl full!!! Guess what that means!!!!!!!? I will be listing an Ebay auction with all the extra beads in my bowl. These are extras from sets, experiments, or less than perfect beads. There is a very nice selection this time around with a great variety. I'll post in the news page when I get the auction listed. My goal is sometime next week.

And.... I have have some new KILLER toggles to list for sale in the supply page. You will really like them. They are about the same size as the medium size ones I sell which is around the 20mm wide size. They are high quality silver and very thick and very well made. The photo doesn't do them justice. I will get them posted in the supply page over the next few days.

3 New Toggles

Aug. 19th: Wow! What a fun day. Ever since the Cars movie came out, our kids can't get enough cars. They love them all! We went to vist a place in St. Louis called Fast Lane Cars. What an incredible place. All they sell are old time cars and it is like a car museum but they are all for sale. The selection is pristine and all the cars are in tip top shape. The boys found a yellow King car just like the blue king car in the movie cars. Of course they were begging for it but we came home empty handed. There was an outdoor festival going on in Historic St. Charles so we went to that also. It was pretty hot and humid though and the boys had a snow cone, pizza, and a rootbeer float! Here is a pic of the boys enjoying their first Rootbeer float. Yum!

Boys Car Shopping!

Rootbeer Float Time

I was playing around with an idea for stamped rings but I think I need to go back to the drawing board. Kate Mckinnon taught us in a PMC silver class how to make her silver rings. I had this idea that her design would be so cute incorporated using flat silver where you could stamp words into the ring band. The idea is all there and they turned out very cute but the silver has rough edges and it just doesn't feel comfortable. There is thicker silver with the curved edges but it is so thick that it is very difficult to bend and manipulate. Anyone have any other suggestions on this or where I can find silver around .50mm thick that has curved edges?
Stamped Rings

Aug. 19th9:30 p.m. update! Ha! I know at least one person reads my news page! I just listened to a phone message from Grandma Donlen (hubby's mom) wanting to know where we are and how come I haven't updated my news page! Isn't that funny!? Pardon me while I give her a quick update. We are all great Mom. Just been busy these past few days. We must have been in the back yard playing with bubbles and jumping on the trampoline while you called. The boys had a busy last day before school. Mimi took them out to breakfast and then I wisked them away to the zoo and then Randy and I had a date night last night. BUSY! Caiden just wanted to ride the train all day at the zoo. Kept saying "ride" which of course comes out "ide" but he's talking so who's complaining! I'll give ya a phone call tomorrow:-) Sweet Dreams!

6:00p.m. Well it was a succesful first day of school. Both boys seem to like their teachers and classmates. Always a good sign. Summer just seemed to fly by. I guess things will be on more of a schedule with the kiddies back in school. Now I just have to work around Caiden's busy schedule. We have appointments every day with a few days having 2 things going on. Good grief! That is just crazy but I did make sure that he has Friday's off. The very busy schedule just goes until the end of March and then we can get speech therapy through our wonderful school district. I'm told that they even have a class just for kids with Apraxia!!! I'm totally excited about that.

Sorry I put a stop on orders. I just need to slow down and get a better grip on orders and get caught up some. I'm hoping it doesn't last too long but I will keep you updated on when I will start accepting new orders again. And for those of you still wondering about the extra shiny head pins, still no luck yet. I keep checking every week to see if they are available. As soon as I get more, I'll post in the news to let you know.

Aug 13: Okay guys... just a quick update. I'm going to hold off an accepting new custom lampwork orders for a few weeks. My plate is too full right now and I need some time to catch up on things. I'll keep you updated and let you know when I'm back in business again. As usual though, supplies and kits will be processed and shipped right out:-) Enjoy your Sunday!

Aug. 11th: I took the kiddies away for a few days to visit my gradmother. There just wasn't enough time. The kids had a ball. She lives deep in the country with rock roads, horses, cows, and pigs everywhere. I have such fond memories as a child spending time in the country and I want my boys to have some of the same experiences. It is hard to get away with a busy family life and bead business to boot but we had a ball. There is a great river/creek that is loaded with tad poles and crawdads. We spent hours both days catching them. I had to drag them away from the creek to come back home. Keegan devised a game where he took apples off the apple trees and we would throw them at the tree trunks to make them go splat. Simple pleasures!

I finished up the Wonka's Chocolate bracelet kit while gone and it is now availble in the supply page and there is a new bracelet listed in the boutique. Here is a pic of it.

Lollypops Bracelet

Aug 8: Heads up. Any new supply orders placed after today won't be shipped until Friday (Aug. 11) of this week.

I had a productive weekend. Hubby (the brave soul that he is:-) took all 3 boys to Kansas City to visit his parents for the weekend and I stayed behind to work and catch up on orders. I made beads all weekend! I was totally fried by Sunday night but I got a lot made and the time flew by. It felt like they were only gone 5 minutes. (BTW grandma.... The big boys got hair cuts. Caiden is still needing his. I'm working up to it! ha!).

I finally got around to making a bead set in the wisteria colors from the bracelet I made. It turned out so pretty. I'll be adding it to the gallery for custom orders soon.

August 2: Tick Tock Tick Tock...... yes....I hear the clock ticking so fast. Another Summer is almost done. Just this week and next before school starts back. I just found a photo of our first trip to Disney 4 years ago. My babies are growing up and Caiden wasn't even born yet!

Check out the fun earrings I'm posting in the boutique.

The Donlen's

cone earrings

July 30th: Whew! What a weekend. I think Keegan had a fabulous birthday. Keegan is so funny. He loves magic tricks and jokes. I bought one of those money prank tricks where you tape a $1 onto a clear string. The string is connected to this button that you press and it will roll up and take the dollar with it. The jest of the joke is to place the dollar on the ground and then when a person sees the money and reaches down to grab it, you hit the button and zip... the money flies away from them and they are startled. We ate breakfast at IHOP (his favorite breakfast place!) and when we were done, we sat outside by the front and let him do his tricks. It was the perfect place becauses everyone was very kind and played along. Even those that knew the trick. He was laughing so hard. It was a lot of fun and needless to say and I didn't get one bead made yesterday. So now I need to hunker down and get back on track. Ha, with a 2 year old and 2 older boys on Summer break that is easier said then done! BUT... I have had a productive morning and I actually added a new kit to the supply page. This is the blue bracelet kit that I mentioned months ago. I never use this shade of blue and I had such a mental block coming up with the design. It finally fell together and I LOVE how it turned out. The perfect shade to wear with jeans:-). The chocolate kit is about a week behind. Still waiting for supplies.
Blue Hydrangea Bracelet Kit

Keegan's 8th Birthday