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Here you will find an archive of my old posting from the News page.

The April 06 Archive.

April 24: Wow! It was cold today. Back down into the 50's. I've been trying to get organized and have good news. In the next few days I'll have all of the sold out Thai silver back in stock. Yea! I was starting to get worried that they were going to be out of stock for a long time. It is all handmade and the order took much longer to fill than expected. The bummer part is that the silver market has been going crazy and the cost of silver is at a record high. So the bad news is that there will by a tiny increase in price. I'm just thankful to be getting more. I use the silver J's in almost all of my designs and my personal stash was almost depleted.

And....I finally got my act together and listed all my extra lampwork beads from my pottery bowl on Ebay tonight. Just click on the photo and it will take you to the auction. If this doesn't work, my sellers name is keegan2 or just type in the search box TGB Beads (the glassbeadle). I only list on Ebay a few times a year. I find it too emtional for me anymore:-)

April 21: Okay do you come to a point when you can have too many beads? I personally don't think so. You can never have enough but what happens when your husband has to dump them out of the cereal bowls in the kitchen cabinet just so that he can have a bowl of cereal? What's even worse, he didn't even pause to think twice about it. I just watched him and shook my head thinking this is crazy!!! Granted it's not like this all the time. Well, at least not beads inside all the bowls in the kitchen cabinets. I just needed somewhere to put them until I get photos taken and sorted for the supply bin. With a 2 yr old, I work where it is the most convenient:-) I was talking to my mother in law yesterday on the phone (Hi Mom!) and we were talking about my hubby and how wonderful he is and now she is going to think I'm abusing him. Her poor baby can't even eat a bowl of cereal without having to worry about choking on beads! She has recently gotten internet savvy and warned Randy that she has learned how to load my web site and reads my news. So make sure I don't say anything bad about her! Ha! I thought that was funny. Her and my father in law are both wonderful and I don't think she ever has to worry about that but with her sense of humor... I'm sure she will get a kick out of what I write. Which reminds me..... Mom..... is there still any chocolate left? wink;-)
April 19: I'm working on the photos for my orphan beads. Just have one more to work on before I can get them ready to list for the Ebay auction. There is a nice selection but not as many bright fun Summer colors as last time. Which makes sense because these were all from the Fall and Winter beads which are darker colors. But there are lots of my flower beads and a few hearts. I'll keep you updated when I get them posted. If it doesn't get done tomorrow, it won't be until Sunday evening. Don't like to have auctions closing on Friday or Saturday.

Here is a photo of a bead order I mailed yesterday. I love the bright colors. The strand is the Island Hopping Set without the focal and she wanted 10 flowers in the same colors.

April 17: I totally scored yesterday! Forget the kids and all their Easter Basket loot.... it was a surprise day for me. I have the most wonderful cousin. The one where you have the fondest childhood memories of our adventures and crazy doings together. I look back on those adventures and just smile at how much fun we had together. She only lives about 15 min away but with busy lives and families, we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. Anyway.... she has become quite the knitter and she is good! Her family came to church yesterday and I commented with drool running down my chin that I loved her knitted purse. I couldn't believe her! The next thing I knew she was dumping out the contents (in the middle of church!) and she gave it to me! I tried arguing with her but that was going no where and her husband was telling me to take it because he was getting embarrassed! ha! Well, I felt terrible but I am in hog heaven. It is the cutest thing ever and the colors are to die for. What a great treat. I feel so special!

I'm still working on my idea. Of course something that I thought would be so simple has too many possibilities. So it is on the back burner until I get some more things figured out. I have to do some investigating which will take some time.

April 14: Remember when I was complaining that is was too cold outside and I wanted warmer weather? That was only 1 week ago. Well, it's hot! We have been having record temperatures. It has been in the low 90's these past two days. That is about 45 degrees warmer than last weekend. Where did Spring go? Hubby had the day off work today and we went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was really crowded. We had lots of fun though. Caiden loved seeing all of the animals. Nothing eventful or funny happened. Just a nice day spent with the family. It was perfect!

April 10: It is the start of a new week and things are looking much better. FINALLY!!! It's amazing what a good night's sleep and nice weather will do for you. The weather is warm again and all my tulips are blooming. I'm so excited about a new jewelry line idea that I have been working on. It has been on my mind for awhile and I've been making some prototypes here and there when I get a chance. You know how you feel when you get a new idea and you are so excited and can't wait to figure it all out? That is how I feel.... I first started making the designs a few weeks ago. I need to make some more beads. They are big and take a lot of time so the prototypes have to be worked in between bead orders. Now you all are curious about what I'm talking about. Not that I don't want to tell you yet it's just that I'm still working in my mind the full marketing and presentation idea because it will play a big part in the whole idea. Hey, the whole idea might even be a flop. I think it's a fun idea and will go over well but you just never know. A few weeks and I should have my act more together.

I do have a new set of lampwork orphan beads that are rejects, experiments, or extras to list on Ebay. They have been sitting here waiting for a month. Just not enough time to string them and take photos. It just gives it more time for the pile to accumulate. I keep them in a special bowl and when they reach the top and start to flow over, I know it is time to send them to a new home. So getting these ready is on my to do list. I'll keep you updated. I don't expect it to be this week. Maybe next week:-)

April 9th: Lets just say it has been a long week. Caiden is finally getting back to his normal self today. He is so skinny and lost so much weight. Down to 20 1/2 pounds and he is 24 months old! All of my kids have always been on the very low weight side but poor Caiden being sick this past week and then he was sick a month ago and lost almost a pound then. I've been trying to fatten him up with whatever he will eat. Lets just say he has had a lot of sweets lately!

I have been in one of those phases where I feel very lazy and unmotivated. I'm sure we all go through them. I'm working on orders but not getting them completed as fast as normal. I think taking care of Cadien all week just drained my energy. It turned cold again and that doesn't help. I'm ready for fun and sun!

I've taken 30 min here and there to play on the torch and I'm working on some new pendant designs. For some reason, all I want to make are necklaces. That usually isn't the case. Normally it is all bracelets. It is good to grow in different directions so I'm not complaining. I did add a few new jewelry pieces to the boutique page. First time in many many months.

April 5: Oh it is a good day! We finally got home last night around 7pm. I was really thinking that we were going to get stuck there another night. Caiden wouldn't drink anything all day. Bless my Mom, she went to Target and bought a bottle for Caiden. We had just taken the bottle completely away the week before and I knew that he was missing it. I hated to go backwards but was in a tight spot and broke down. It worked! He just held it for about 20 min and then drank it all. I was jumping for joy because I knew we would be able to go home. Caiden is feeling much better. Still a bit cranky and tired but I can handle that. Now I have a messy unorganized house to take care of today. I packed up 13 packages last night for shipping. Lots of head pins! While in the hospital, I ordered some more fun beads for the supply page. Hey, I had to do something with the down time while Caiden was sleeping. What better way than to buy beads:-)

My email inbox is very full. I'm going to try to go through it today but if you don't hear back from me, just send me another note. Your first one probably got buried. Here is a pic of some earrings made from the small hang tag beads

April 4: Just a quick update. We are still stuck at the hospital. I thought for sure Caiden would be able to come home this morning. I was infomed that they would decide this evening if he can go home or if he needs to stay another night! Ugh!! This wasn't on my schedule. I think they are being overly cautious but that doesn't get us home any faster. They just want to make sure he will drink liquids which he isn't showing an interest in but he is also hooked up to an IV which doesn't make him thirsty so who knows what will happen. I have been trying to email everyone that placed orders to inform about shipping delays. Sorry if I didn't catch everyone. I tell ya, I think my web site must have gotten posted somewhere because I have had about 13 orders for just head pins these past few days:-)

I'll keep you updated. Caiden is feeling much better and his fever finally broke overnight. Now it is just the waiting game. I think I will have every Wiggles song and teletubbies show memorized by the time we come home!

April 3: Well, what fun! Little Caiden was still sick this morning so I took him to the Dr. They sent me over to check him in to the hospital so he could get rehydrated on an IV. In fact, he has to stay in the hospital overnight for observation so I'm going to stay the night with him tonight. My husband was kind enough to bring my laptop up so I can process some emails and get some work done. I've had a number of orders today and just want to let everyone know that it will be a day or so before I get orders processed and in the mail. I should be able to bring Caiden home tomorrow sometime so I'll get busy packing as soon as I get him settled in and try to get some shipments out, the rest will go on Wed. Sorry for the delay and thanks for understanding.

April 2nd, 2006
Yea! Spring is here and its April, the flowers are beginning to bloom, time to come out of the cave. I finished my large orders and have actually taken time to relax the last couple of days, well, kind of. We've had some warm weather this weekend and some spring showers this morning. For those of us who live in the dead leaves, brown winter zone...Don't you love it? But as luck would have, Caiden has a little stomach flu that started last night...yes, started conveniently while were visiting some old friends we hadn't seen in a long time, that don't live real close. Isn't that just the way it works.

Our friends that we haven't seen for eight months adopt a baby girl from Guatemala and have an open house for everyone to come meet her. They have two boys around Keegan's and Connor's age, so they are really looking forward to it. So we head over see their new little girl and we are there probably 15 minutes at most, quite a crowd....lots of kids. Randy's friend is really into motorcycle racing so we are all standing out in the garage looking at his bikes and suddenly Caiden gives a little cough and spits up on the floor. Weird, he was fine all day and on the way over he acted happy. He wasn't hot and didn't appear to have a fever. We grab a few paper towels and clean up the spot on the garage floor and move on outside. I had given him some new type of medicine he hadn't taken before for a non-sickness issue he is having, right before we headed over there and figured it was probably the culprit.

The kids then wander outside and play and I and Randy take turns hanging outside so Caiden can play too. He acts fine. Eventually the kids all come wandering back from out in the woods near the house where my boys were getting the tour of their friend's hidden forts. We are all standing around out front, its nice out, some other old mutual friends we haven't seen in a couple of years show up and were all the midst of greetings when our friend's oldest boy runs up in front of everyone walking funny and proclaims "Keegan pee'd on me!" and shows us the wet pants leg. Everyone just kind of gives me and Randy that...'oh how nice' look. The boy heads inside to change pants and Keegan comes around the corner crying afraid he's in trouble. A brief investigation and witness accounts from all the boys reveals that they all decided to christen the fort with a group pee...that bonding moment of freedom where the boys all take an uninhibited leak in the woods thing, and one boy unfortunately crossed in the path of the other...the other being Keegan of course.

After resolving the minor crisis the boys head down to the basement to play. Caiden wants to go down too so I take him down but there is quite a bit of noise and mania with all the boys running and yelling, so Caiden doesn't want to get down and play. I'm standing there probably five minutes holding him and suddenly he throws up all over me, himself, and the floor. How nice. I'm standing there next to this splot of barf waiting for Randy to bring something to clean it up with while the other mom's down there are looking at me with 'the look.' Can't blame em...I know too many jerk parents who bring send their kids to church or school sick, or send them over to play knowing they are sick... with complete disregard of other children. What a drag! I'm still wondering if it wasn't the medicine but not wanting to take chances of spreading germs to anyone else we get things cleaned up and decide we better head out of there just in case....not to mention I stink really terrible like barf and the front of my clothes are wet. No beauty prize for me at that social event!

Sure enough, he gets sick in the car on the way home and woke up with a little fever this morning.

Ahh yes, this is what relaxing is like for me. Nothing like those few relaxing moments while you can get them. I'm going back into the dungeon and make beads where its safe. So please feel free to place some orders.

March 27, 2006
Well it was a productive day. I've been working on a new kit for the past few weeks now. I finally got it all done today! The kit is posted in the supply section under the kits link. It has a fun lampwork flower bead as a toggle. Here is a photo of it.

The kids' Spring Break is over now. I thought the week would drag by but it seems like they just got off school. I must admit it has been nice not rushing around every morning getting them ready. Summer break will be here soon!