There are a few options for these rings.
Order them premade or purchase the
lampwork beads and or tools to make
them yourself. Scroll down
for shopping cart options.

All of the tools needed
to make these rings can
be found at my other website
Click on the name and
it will take you to
the entire supply list!

Wonder Rings Already Made!
Each ring is handmade
with sterling silver. There
are lampwork beads in the
center of each ring. The
beads are attached with
a brass screw and hex nut.
Although it isn't a fast process,
the beads can be interchangable.
Leave the strip plain and elegant
or go for the more whimsical
feel with stamped swirls
or 2-3 words. Choose in
the notes box at checkout
desired ring style.

Place Order HERE for
just the Lampwork Beads

for the Wonder Rings.
In the notes box at check out.
Please specify which beads you want.
Each bead set within the ring
is $10. Which means that you get the 3
beads in one ring for $10.
I will try to accomodate any
special requests on bead colors.
Just ask!

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